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5 Best Netflix Features For July 2021

My top 5 Netflix features for July 2021 in no particular order are:

1. Virgin River

It seems like we have been waiting for season 3 for a lifetime, but it is finally here! I planned to watch season 2 again before season 3 came out but time flew by, season 3 is here, and I never watched season 2 again. Netflix renewed this show so fast I ran out of time! I binge-watched season 2 with my mom in one sitting. That was a fun Saturday. But after that cruel cliffhanger of an ending, we were in pieces. Thanks to the official trailer we know Jack is alright, but the question remains, who shot Jack? Was it Charmaine?

Want to know a secret?

Apparently, Season 4 of Virgin River starts filming at the end of July (!!!)

2. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

If you like cringe comedy like The Office, then you need to watch the new season of Tim Robinson’s show I Think You Should Leave. We started watching this show recently and I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Some of the episodes are so relatable. You have either experienced something similar or you know someone who has. Not all the episodes might be your cup of tea, but if you don’t laugh at the hotdog sketch are you even human? I’m glad shows like this are still being made because it is truly funny and not afraid to be a little offensive. All good comedy is!

3. Rick and Morty

Ah, Rick and Morty, you either love the dynamic duo or you hate them. In our household we are obsessed! If you’re not familiar, it’s an adult animation about a grandpa and grandson duo who goes on intergalactic adventures. We are grateful we didn’t have to wait as long for season 5 as for the previous seasons. It’s already customary for us to watch the new episode that comes out weekly, every Friday night when we have friends over. So far we are loving season 5! Season 5 reminds me more of the earlier seasons and we’re here for it.

4. Deathwish

A vigilante Bruce Willis? I’m in! This movie is about a man whose family was ripped apart by crime and he decided to take matters into his own hands. It sounds like a typical Bruce Willis movie, and it is, but I love Bruce and I will watch every single one of them. There’s something about seeing justice served on-screen that appeals to many people, that is why this genre of movies get the views. Similar movies include the Taken movies with Liam Neeson.

5. Black Summer

After a two year wait, season 2 is finally here! If you’re a zombie fanatic you’re already watching this and planning how you will do things differently when there is an ACTUAL zombie apocalypse. We’re all doing it. Are you storing food and water? Do you have any homemade weapons yet? If not you’re already zombie food! I was a bit late to the party of Black Summer, but I’m catching up! This will be binge-watched this weekend. After I’m done watching Virgin River of course.

You can find my Netflix recommendations for August 2021 here.

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